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3things on hip hop, grandma & garbage juice

This month the peeps at Oxfam’s 3things took a Hip Hop Approach to the biggest social and environmental issues facing our generation. We also cheered for what rugby league is doing to close the gap, were dazzled by Brazil’s next top model and shared scones with a grandma who refused to sit by while people were in peril. To relax, we enjoyed popcorn and a choc top at the United Nations, laughed at some black comedy, named Sydney the arts-end of the world and made some tasty juice from our garbage. Refreshed, we still had time to rap with the First Lady of Arabic Hip Hop, size up some DIY fashion and have a ‘deep and meaningful’ with a bike. Last but not least, we wondered what the hell was happening with the election and spread the word on what we can do to support people in Pakistan.

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