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Meet the UN Climate Tracker Insider, Phil Ireland

Hi. My name is Phil.

Since June 2009 I’ve been tracking the UN climate negotiations, including attending the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen last December.

Over the next few months I’ll be at the UN climate negotiations in

  • Tianjin, China October 4 – 9 and
  • Cancun, Mexico November 29 – December 10

I’d like for you to join me as I report live from these meetings. .

Why? Because we believe that the decisions being made in the UN climate negotiations are too important not to reach out to the eyes and ears of citizens across the globe.

Because we believe that you should be able to play a part in influencing the decisions being made to tackle the global climate crisis.

So what will I be doing at these meetings?

I’ll be busy.

Busy meeting with the Australian government negotiating team to get their latest positions and insights.

Busy taking the questions and comments you send me direct to the Australian government negotiating team.

Busy unpacking the complexity of the negotiations and reporting back to you, so you know the decisions that are being made (or delayed) as governments of the world work out a plan to tackle climate change.

Busy meeting with delegations from countries like Tuvalu in the Pacific and Malawi in Africa so I can give you firsthand accounts of how communities are already feeling the impacts of climate change, and how they are responding.

Busy working to get my blogs published widely so that people across Australia can stay up to date, even if these issues stay out of the news cycle.

I hope that you will join me as I travel to China and Mexico by reading the blogs, leaving comments, sending me your questions and at key moments in time taking actions to put pressure on the government to do better.

Here’s a question to start with: what do you want Australia’s priorities to be at the UN climate negotiations in 2010? Leave your comments below.

PS. You can also follow me on Twitter.

UN Climate Tracker Phil Ireland