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EngageMedia: Supporting video activism in the Asia Pacific

Accessible, independent and open media is an essential tool for people around the world who wish to oppose social injustice. Non-for-profit EngageMedia is responding to this need by providing a free online video sharing platform.

The site allows independent filmmakers, video activists, campaigners and the wider public to share issues and put forward solutions. The Asia-Pacific based organisation also provides free video sharing technologies and software as well as a wide variety of training and skill-sharing programs.

In early March the EngageMedia Jakarta team visited the east coast of Australia, holding public forums and screenings in Sydney and Melbourne. EngageMedia spoke about some of the challenges faced by social activists in Indonesia, such as feeling socially isolated. They explained that alongside their technological services they also provide support for individual activists and have close ongoing relationships with many of the activists who share their videos via the EngageMedia website.

On International Women’s Day this year EngageMedia posted At Stake, a critically acclaimed documentary that tackles taboo issues faced by women in Indonesia. The film is the result of a collaborative project involving five emerging filmmakers. It deals with topics such as female migrant workers, conflict over women’s marital status and access to reproductive health services and the challenges faced by women who are lesbian in Indonesian society.

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