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WA says yes to a price on carbon pollution

Everyone has a different reason for acting on climate change, the environment, the economy , the future for their children, stopping global poverty. For many in WA it is agriculture, native forests and coral reefs like Ningaloo that are perhaps in most people’s minds when we think of threats, while for others the effects of drought in the horn of Africa speak loudest.

With this in mind, in Western Australia, Oxfam along with churches, community groups, unions, business and environmental groups have united in support of a price on carbon pollution as an important first step to acting on climate change. And we’re also calling on other West Australians to join us.

Last Thursday some of this new WA coalition got a chance to air our views when the Prime Minister, came to Perth for a carbon tax forum, and managed to get both national and local media.

Oxfam is seeing more intense droughts, floods, storms and sea level rise as climate change gathers pace, destroying lives and livelihoods and sending the price of food beyond the reach of many people.

We believe by taking action on climate change, Australia will be acting in step with the global community, and be in a better position to negotiate a fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement on climate change when the world meets in Durban for climate negotiations in December.

You don’t have to be from WA to see it makes good sense to act now.