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Why do you Say Yes to action on climate change?

As we draw closer to a vote on the price on carbon pollution package, it’s important to remember WHY we want action on climate change and why this is important for our environment, for Australia’s international responsibility to support our developing country neighbours, for our economy and for the future of our children.

Six leading Australians including an economist, a firefighter, a climate scientist and a mum share why they say yes to pricing carbon pollution in the above video.

Why do you say yes?
The Say Yes coalition of environment, union and social justice groups want to know why you say yes to action. They are inviting people to join more than 4, 500 other Australia and add their message to the Say Yes website. The best ones will be displayed on the lawns outside of Parliament House and presented to our political leaders in the lead up to the vote. This is a great way to get your voice – and your support for action on climate change heard!

You can also take this project to your friends, family and colleagues by being a part of the Say Yes National Morning Tea Day on Wednesday 5 October by hosting a morning tea in your workplace or in your community.

The Say Yes coalition have put together a kit to make the morning tea super easy – a poster to help with promotions, a pamphlet to hand out, a Q&A to set the record straight and even some morning tea recipes.

Find out more and register to be a part of the Say Yes National Morning Tea Day!