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School resources putting a spotlight on the Olympics

Photo: Matthew Vasilescu/OxfamAUS

The Olympic and Paralympic Games have all the excitement, glamour, highs and lows when the world comes together to compete and celebrate the performances of our best and most talented athletes. It is a time where we can also celebrate our common humanity rather than our differences.

Student Action Guides – Olympic Games Special

Oxfam’s schools program has produced an Olympic Special Student Action Guide which puts a spotlight on the Olympic Games and some of the big brands that athletes, fans and, no doubt, some of your students are wearing.  Brands such as official sponsor adidas as well as Nike and Puma are being asked to treat their workers with respect and pay them enough to meet their basic needs. Students can learn more about what goes on behind the glitz and glamour in the resources below.

Our Student Action Guides help students to learn about and take action on social justice issues. Students are provided with a selection of small, medium and big actions they can take at school, amongst their peers and at home to really make a difference to what can sometimes feel like big global problems that they’re powerless to solve.

In the latest Action Guide, big sports-wear brands  are being asked to provide their workers with fairer working conditions than what they currently experience.

Find out more

Students can also go to the Playfair website for school resources, videos, and further information such as the Playfair Report and ways they can support this important issue.

For more information see the latest post on our Workers’ Rights blog on how Australians can work with Oxfam to support these workers.

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