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A Message in a Giant Bottle

“What are you doing with that 2 meter tall bottle of Pepsi?” asked the conductor at Sydney’s Central Station this morning.

After Coca-Cola’s announcement that they are taking a zero tolerance approach to land grabs – we decided to deliver a message in a bottle to Pepsi-Co asking them to do the same. Oxfam research has highlighted that, from Cambodia to Brazil, the rush for land on which to grow sugar is tearing communities away from their homes, forcing some into slums while leaving others destitute and unable to feed themselves.

Email PepsiCo now: tell them to make sure their sugar doesn’t lead to land grabs.

This lunchtime, Oxfam staff and volunteers delivered a message in a (giant Pepsi) bottle from more than 250,000 Oxfam supporters asking them to do more to help stop land grabs. Before arriving at the PepsiCo headquarters in Chatswood, Sydney, the giant bottle was seen boarding a train and crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Arriving at Pepsi’s office – with giant bottle – we had handed over a letter asking them to:

1.    “Commit” to zero tolerance for land grabs

2.    “Know and Show” risks related to land rights and land conflicts in their supply chains

3.    Advocate for governments and others in the food industry to tackle land grabbing and to support responsible agriculture investment

Now it is up to Pepsi to listen to the tide of consumer requests and make sure they are not simply paying lip service to the idea of ethical standards, but actually enforcing them.ou can help change the way companies like PepsiCo do business.

Clancy Moore – GROW Campaign Coordinator