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The big four banks and land grabs: be heard on social media

Is your bank involved in land grabbing in some of the poorest communities overseas? Oxfam’s report, Banking on Shaky Ground, details four case studies involving each of the big four banks; these outline personal stories of those affected by land grabs. We have stories from across the world, including nineteen-year-old Christophilda who lives in Turubu Bay in PNG’s East Sepik province. We sent researchers to document her community’s concerns. Christophilda explained to them how fish — an important local food source — is now much harder to catch after the logging company arrived on her land.

Together we are powerful

The big four banks are using our money to place themselves, their investors and poor communities at risk. Together we can demand that they say no to land grabs and do more to respect human rights across the world.

Write to your bank

The first thing you should do is write to your bank and let them know that you do not want them using your money to help kick people off their lands. It’s easy. You can use our suggested text or you can make it your own. Chose your bank below.

Commonwealth Bank

If you have one more minute

Make some noise

Share our post on Facebook to let your friends know that their bank might be connected to land grabs and ask them to take action. The banks monitor social media and the more people who know about the banks unethical behaviour the more pressure they will feel to clean up their act.

You can also talk to with your followers on Twitter about it. We have some suggested Tweets below that you can use as a starting point, just click the links.

The big four banks using my money to help kick people off their land? Say no to land grabs.
Australia’s big four banks are involved in land grabs which are kicking communities across the world off their land.
I was shocked when I found out that my bank is involved in land grabs. Write to your bank now.

If you have two minutes

Contact the banks on social media and let them know that you are angry that their profits are being bolstered by such unethical practices. Tell them that they need to say no to land grabs.


Post on the pages of one or all of the big four banks below. Let them know if you are a customer or a share holder and let them know how you feel about their involvement in land grabs and tell them that you want them to say no to land grabs.

Commonwealth Bank



If you have Twitter you can also contact the banks on there.

ANZ (click here for a suggested tweet)
Commonwealth Bank 
(click here for a suggested tweet)
NAB (click here for a suggested tweet)
Westpac (click here for a suggested tweet)

Keep up the pressure

Keep in touch with your bank via email and social media. Follow up and make sure they know that you will not accept them being involved in land grabs.