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Preparing your Eat Local Feed Global Menu

Photo: K is for kristina via photopin cc

By Melita Grant, Food Justice Community Engagement Coordinator.

What goes together better than strawberries dipped in melted dark fair trade chocolate?

Answer: nothing.

That’s why when I held my own  Eat Local Feed Global afternoon tea last year, I ordered the dark Fairtrade chocolate (made in Belgium and vegan) from the Oxfam Shop. I was surprised by how far one 200 grams block went (it made 20 dipped strawberries). It’s also pretty handy that World Food Day (Thursday 16 October) coincides with our strawberry season here in Australia.

Eat Local Feed Global is an opportunity to bring your mates together for lunch or dinner during the month of October to discuss how climate change is impacting food. Climate change is currently the biggest threat to ending world hunger and the world’s poorest communities are the hardest hit. The extreme weather and changing seasons are pushing food prices up and food availability down.

Through Eat Local Feed Global, you can also take action to change the policies and practices of government, as well as raise money for Oxfam’s life-changing work in poor countries like the Philippines, East-Timor and Vanuatu.

Register now and we’ll send you a pack with everything you need (except the strawberries and chocolate – sorry).

Be sure to check out the food aisle online with Oxfam Shop or delectable treats such as herbs and spices, spreads and chutneys, and of course, Fairtrade Chocolate.