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Save Australian Aid

As part of the mid-year budget outlook (MYEFO), the government yesterday announced a third cut to the aid budget of $3.7 billion. This brings the cuts to aid announced by this Government to $11.3 billion in just one year.

This is a deeply shocking outcome; especially given Australia is one of the wealthiest per capita nations in the world.

The cuts will take Australia’s contribution to below 0.23 per cent of our gross national income – lower than 23 cents in every $100, in two years’ time – which will be its lowest point since the beginning of the OECD’s records in 1960.

The government is using the aid program as an ATM to balance the budget, and it will directly affect some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

All of us at Oxfam Australia know the incredible impact that good, effective aid can have. We see it every day through our programs and partners.

Yesterday’s cuts are enough to purchase over 240 million life-saving hygiene kits for communities affected by Ebola. $3.7 billion could also provide over 80 million families in Africa with clean, safe drinking water. Aid works. It saves and changes lives.

Please help us send a message to our leaders, telling them you don’t support cuts to Australia’s aid program.


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