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Our 10 favourite #ClimateStrike protest signs

Oxfam staff protesting in Melbourne with big smiles and colourful signs.

What an incredible week it’s been! 

The movement for climate justice is stronger than ever, which we saw in full force when school students led us on #ClimateStrike last Friday. This was truly a global moment, with events in over 160 countries, from Kiribati to Kenya, and 300,000 people taking to the streets in Australia alone. 

Young people led the way, and their message was loud and clear: we must move Australia beyond fossil fuels, and get the job done of moving us to 100% renewable energy for all.  

But that’s not all they had to say. Check out our 10 favourite #ClimateStrike signs from across the country – from the clever and hopeful, to the funny and angry.

Keep our planet clean it’s not Uranus


Students with their placards at the #ClimateStrike

My family thought they had time too!

Dinosaurs at the #ClimateStrike Photo: Jenny Templin

This is the worst housewarming ever!

#Climatestrike placard – This is the worst housewarming ever!

There is no planet B

#Climatestrike placard – There is no Planet B! Photo: Keith Parsons/Oxfam Australia

I stand 4 what I stand on

#Climatestrike placard – I stand for what I stand on! Photo: Jenny Templin

We can’t all live on Mars

#Climatestrike placard – We can’t all live on Mars! Photo: Jenny Templin

Like the oceans we rise

#Climatestrike placard – Like the Oceans We rise! Photo: Jenny Templin

Climate change is worse than homework

#Climatestrike placard – Climate Change is worse than homework!

I want you to panic

#Climatestrike placard – I want you to panic!

Science doesn’t lie

#Climatestrike placard – Science doesn’t lie! Photo: Dean Sewell