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Volunteer spotlight: Phoebe Rahn

Phoebe Rahn Oxfam volunteer member


Who are you?

My name is Phoebe Rahn, I live in Melbourne on Wurundjeri land. In my free time (and not in lockdowns) I like to spend time in nature –bushwalking, camping and being at the beach. I completed a double degree, Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Global Studies and am passionate about the humanitarian impacts of the climate crisis.


Why did you choose to volunteer at Oxfam?

I chose to volunteer at Oxfam because I care about the work Oxfam does and I really wanted to be involved in the Straight Talk Program.

Oxfam’s work addresses different dimensions of inequality and recognises the interconnectedness between those dimensions. I think taking this intersectional approach is important in humanitarian work. Oxfam Australia is also non-religious and non-political, which is significant because their work and Purpose will not be tainted or driven by alternate agendas-this is really important to me.

The Straight Talk program connects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with the political system and builds the capacity of women as change makers. Political systems (at all levels) that include more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women mean that we are creating more diverse and representative governance with leaders that care about significant local and global issues.


What is the purpose of your role?

The purpose of my role is to help build the Alumni Database for the Straight Talk program. The Alumni Database will allow for better connection, networks and communication between Oxfam and the Straight Talk Alumni and the Alumni themselves. The importance of this Database is even greater now in our Covid world where connecting in person is more limited. The database will also aid the Straight Talk program itself as report generating and data analysis will be made much easier.

In terms of Oxfam’s strategic goals, my work directly contributes to First Peoples Justice.


What are some positive outcomes of this experience?

My volunteer experience has allowed me to develop and gain new skills relating to database management and more general analytical and administrative skills. Most importantly the experience has allowed me to contribute to meaningful work that I’m proud to be a part of.


What would you say to someone thinking of volunteering with Oxfam?

Do it! All the Oxfam staff I have met are great and the Volunteer Engagement team are awesome -they go above and beyond. I feel supported in my role and appreciate the flexibility and autonomy I’ve been given.