Photo: Sarah Crozier/OxfamAUS Photo: Sarah Crozier/OxfamAUS

DIY campaigning

Want to change your world but not sure how?

So you care about combating poverty and injustice, and you want to make a difference but you’re not sure how? Well our DIY Campaigning section gives you practical information and ideas about ways you can change your world.

Read about how individuals have been able to make huge change in their community. If you find politics boring we’ll show you how you can become passionate about politics. Then we’ll take you one step further and show you how to make your MP work for you as well as how to make your mark in the media.

Can one person change the world?

Absolutely! Read about inspiring individuals who took action to change their world and made an impact.

You can be passionate about politics

Don’t know much about parliament or how politicians are elected? Here’s a short course in Politics 101.

Make your MP work for you

Your Member of Parliament is your connection to Canberra so get them working on the issues you care about.

Make your mark in the media

The media impact the lives of millions of people every day. Harnessing its power will help you change your world faster.

Clean Water Saves Lifes

Save lives in The Philippines

Josephine and her family lost everything after a typhoon. With your support, we can help families before the next disaster strikes.