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A hive of activity in Tanzania’s refugee camps

Oxafm is supporting a unique project in Tanzania, so that refugees can learn new skills to work their own way out of poverty… and it’s got people buzzing with excitement. Read more »

Bakery group turns mums into breadwinners in Tanzania

Subsistence handouts can only go so far in a place like Nyarugusu camp. So Oxfam is instead focused on practical ways — like baking — to give this growing refugee community a hand up, and help them become more self-sufficient. Read more »
oxfam tailor tanzania

A Tailor in Tanzania

Once, Buchumi was a primary school teacher. But when war broke out, he was forced to flee to a refugee camp in Tanzania. Here is life would change forever. Read more »
godebrite mother nduta

Through a Mother’s Eyes: Life in Nduta Refugee Camp

The Nduta refugee camp in Tanzania is home to more than 55,000 personal stories of survival and hope. Godebrite’s remarkable story is one of them. Read more »
A student holds two glasses of water to show the difference in water quality in her school in PNG

172 billion reasons to close tax loopholes and end tax havens

Oxfam estimates that tax dodging by Australian multinational corporations will deprive PNG of around $4 million in health and sanitation-related public services over the next five years. This is money that could provide access to life-changing clean water and sanitation. Read more »
Inequality between the rich and the poor is showcased in this photograph of Tondo slum set against the cityscape of Manila, Philippines, 2014

Budget 2016: Do you know what’s missing?

Budget 2016, it had it all: “the economy”, bracket creep, innovation, nimbleness, agility, debt and deficit. Surely that’s everything, right? Well, not quite. Read more »
Oxfam Australia CEO Helen Szoke and Shirley Laban, manager of Oxfam’s climate change program in Vanuatu and coordinator of the Vanuatu Climate Action Network, Takara village on Efate Island, Vanuatu

The results are in: Oxfam in 2015

What have we accomplished in 2015? Watch our short year in review video and hear from Chief Executive of Oxfam Australia Dr Helen Szoke as she reflects on the success on some of our biggest moments and the challenges we still face. Read more »

The remarkable case of the disappearing aid budget

Australian aid provides much needed relief in times of disaster and helps communities prepare for and reduce the impacts of these disasters before they strike. This is what makes our government’s ongoing cuts to the aid program so remarkable. Read more »
Cambodian students

A new Einstein could be living in Cambodia

Last month, we held a competition to find out how important secondary students thought Australian aid is in building a fairer global community. The response was incredible. Read more »
Photo: Lara McKinley/OxfamAUS

Could the future of Timor-Leste be decided in New York?

The United Nations Sustainable Development Summit will be held in New York next month and has the potential to change the lives of people around the world. Read more »