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Australia: Show us the money to help end poverty in Addis Ababa

Helping to end poverty and inequality, and supporting communities to tackle climate change – they’re the biggest challenges facing the world today. But at the moment, Australia is failing do its fair share on both counts. In July our leaders have an opportunity to change this. At the Finance for Development Conference in Addis Ababa, Australia […] Read more »

Another Unfair Budget for Australian Aid

Our fears have been confirmed. The Government has made the worst cuts to aid in our nation’s history, showing that the poorest people of the world mean very little to this Government. They have set out a path for Australia – the second wealthiest country per capita in the world – to give our lowest […] Read more »
Photo: Simon Bradshaw/OxfamAU

10 unique ways people are taking on climate change — and 3 things you can do to help

From droughts in Australia to cyclones in Vanuatu, we’re all feeling the effects of climate change. But droughts, floods, storms, and other extreme weather affect some of us more than others. Discover what others are doing to battle the effects and how you can help. Read more »
Photo: Alexia Webster/OxfamAUS

Women and Australian Aid: building a path to equality, one brick at a time.

Right across the globe, Australian aid is making a difference in women’s lives – to survive, to gain an education, to build a business, to lead. Right now, projects like Oxfam’s work in Zambia, which empowers women and builds their economic independence, are under threat because of the largest planned cuts to Australian aid in history. This International Women’s Day, call on the Australian Government to keep supporting those women by supporting Australian aid. Read more »
Photo: Yusuf Ahmad/Oxfam

Rising inequality hits home for Australia

Next year the richest 1% of people in the world will have more wealth than the other 99% of people. Australia can be part of the solution to global inequality – but it means not turning our back on the world’s poorest people. Read more »
Tell us why you're for Australian Aid

We’re for Australian aid

Welcome aboard! We look forward to campaigning for Australian Aid with you in 2015. All of us at Oxfam Australia know the incredible difference Australian Aid makes in people’s lives. We see it every day in classrooms, on small-scale farms and in emergency relief centres across the region and across the world. We’d love to […] Read more »

Save Australian Aid

As part of the mid-year budget outlook (MYEFO), the government yesterday announced a third cut to the aid budget of $3.7 billion. This brings the cuts to aid announced by this Government to $11.3 billion in just one year. Read more »
Photo: Pablo Tosco

Who’s carrying the budget burden?

In a time when the world’s 85 richest people own the same wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion people, the Australian Government has announced a budget that will widen the gap between the rich and the poor, leaving many who need more, with less. By abandoning its commitment to aid, the government is choosing poverty and inequality over a more prosperous, secure and caring world. Read more »

Overseas aid, climate change and Indigenous health should remain priorities for the government

Overseas aid, climate change and its impact on global hunger, and Indigenous health remain important issues after the Coalition’s election win. We are hoping that an Abbott government will work with us on these key issues to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people – both here in Australia and overseas. We […] Read more »