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Raising the issue of land grabbing at bank AGMs

Some pointers for those wanting to take action A number of Oxfam supporters with shareholdings in the big four banks have approached us for information about the upcoming series of big bank Annual General Meetings (AGMs) being held in the lead-up to Christmas. Below is a Q & A about these AGMs, and how bank […] Read more »

Why I wrote to my Bank

There’s something special about children’s movies that resonates in all of us……it’s the narrative that evil will never prevail…. Inevitably when growing up, deciding who the “bad guy” or the “bad thing” is becomes a little more complicated, especially when religion, ideologies and cultural traditions can dictate what we perceive as being good. But some […] Read more »

ANZ shirks human rights responsibilities in Cambodia

On 5 July we heard that Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Sugar – a company implicated in various human rights abuses including forced evictions, food shortages and child labour – has suddenly repaid its loan to ANZ. ANZ now claims that it has no responsibility to support justice for affected communities, despite financing a notorious sugar plantation […] Read more »

ANZ’s feeble response on the back of bumper profits

In response to the allegations made in Oxfam Australia’s report, Banking on Shaky Ground, the ANZ bank has responded with a disappointing series of feeble denials. In the face of specific and well substantiated allegations of support for companies that are land grabbing, providing inadequate compensation and employing child labour, the ANZ has replied saying […] Read more »

The big four banks and land grabs: be heard on social media

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Is your bank involved in land grabbing in some of the poorest communities overseas? Oxfam’s report, Banking on Shaky Ground, details four case studies involving each of the big four banks; these outline personal stories of those affected by land grabs. We have stories from across the world, including nineteen-year-old Christophilda who lives in Turubu Bay […] Read more »