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Oxfam delivering aid in Nepal

Oxfam has been delivering aid for more than a week, building pit toilets, providing shelter and clean water and distributing hygiene kits to families in the wake of the Nepal Earthquake. The following images are from Tundikhel camp — one of the biggest Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camps in Kathmandu. An 11,000 litre water tank has been installed and 20 pit toilets have been constructed.

2.8 million displaced: Nepal survivors face second disaster

The earthquake in Nepal has razed more than 70,000 homes to the ground and damaged countless others. Thousands of people are now homeless and sleeping outdoors, too afraid to return to their homes. Without clean water, sanitation and life saving aid, disease is imminent. Sangita, her husband and their two children are just on family who lost everything after the Nepal earthquake.

One aid worker is courageously telling the world what life is really like in Yemen right now

Nuha is an aid worker in Yemen and speaking out the conflict now affecting millions of ordinary people in her home country. She shares a firsthand perspective on life in the midst of airstrikes and food shortages: “I am usually optimistic, but I’m not now. Even if the conflict ends soon the humanitarian situation will unfold. Then the shock and the extent of the suffering here in Yemen will become apparent”.

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