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“We have had to use all of our savings to buy food”

“As our plane descended into Port Vila, I caught glimpses of the islands that make up Vanuatu between perfectly formed clouds, which looked still, as if in a painting — the blue of the ocean a calm turquoise canvas beneath. The islands themselves looked ravaged, trees torn and broken and houses left without roofs or walls. I found myself imagining how different this view would have been just a week before, on the eve of the biggest cyclone to ever hit the Pacific.”

Vanuatu resilient in the face of Cyclone Pam

Colin Collett van Rooyen, Country Director of Oxfam Vanuatu remarks of the resilience of the people in Vanuatu as they face an extreme challenge in Cyclone Pam: “Their absolute resilience clear as crystal on what was otherwise a dark day. Muted smiles when any form of smile would be near impossible for most. Tears too, but hugs – tight embraces of personhood. Being there and being with each other for each other.”

The aftermath of Cyclone Pam

More Oxfam Humanitarian Emergency responders have flown to Vanuatu this morning as the unconfirmed death toll from Cyclone Pam begins to climb. Oxfam Country Director in Port Vila, Colin Collett van Rooyen, said the situation in Vanuatu was increasingly grim.

Cyclone Pam’s path of destruction

Cyclone Pam, a massive category 5 cyclone has torn a path of destruction through the small Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu. In its wake it has left the community the huge task of rebuilding wrecked lives. Oxfam has a team based in the country and is ready to respond to support the people of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu prepares for Category 5 Cyclone Pam

A severe Category 5 cyclone is on it’s way to Vanuatu. All six provinces and islands are on red alert — the highest alert and warning level in Vanuatu. Colin Collett van Rooyen, Oxfam’s Country Director in Vanuatu says Oxfam is on standby but is worried for the small island nation.

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