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Help Josephine prepare for disaster

Like eight in every ten families in The Philippines, Josephine’s has been impacted by natural disaster. After a tornado struck one night her family lost their crops and livestock- everything they were depending on to get through the months ahead. But this wasn’t a one-off event. Josephine lived through three natural disasters in the following five years.

Powering up against poverty: coal fired power is not the solution

Emissions produced from burning coal for power are the single biggest driver of climate change. And climate change is a major threat in the fight against hunger. If Australia truly wishes to help bring low-cost energy to the world and build a bright economic future for itself, it’s time we stopped exporting dirty coal and promoting it as a false solution to poverty.

The end of UNFCCC COP20 in Peru: What will it take for governments to act?

After two weeks of splitting hairs over key elements of a new climate treaty at the UN climate talks here in Lima, governments failed once again to put the world on a pathway to keep global warming under control. It is sobering to think that this same process of UN climate negotiations started 20 years ago! What will it take for governments to act?

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