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I can’t remember a time when we have laughed together

Barbara’s house is made of mud and has a tin roof. She’s sitting outside, tearing Kalembla leaves from their stems, dropping them into a small bowl on her lap. Her two children Gertrude (10) and Edward (5) are next to her, their eyes fixed wide. They are subdued, limbs propped around each other, stroking the dry earth with their feet.

Grow a garden in the desert

In this video, we meet Tereza and her family in Mozambique. When food runs low, Tereza turns to burning charcoal and selling it by the side of the road as a source of income. Despite the labour and hard work, it’s difficult to provide the food they need — as well as clothing and a means to an education. Find out how you can change this.

South Sudan’s food crisis

South Sudan is facing the world’s worst food crisis, driven by the conflict that erupted in December 2013. Unless there is an end to the fighting, this food crisis will continue. More than two million people are facing severe food insecurity in South Sudan.  As the dry season begins, the brutal conflict that provoked this disaster is about […]

Why gender matters in Papua New Guinea

Just five kilometres away from Australia’s coastline lies Papua New Guinea (PNG) — a place now home to some of the world’s worst gender violence. Statistics from some areas in PNG now indicate up to 80% of the female population have experienced some kind of abuse. These statistics translate to a harsh reality for women […]

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