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Why clean water is vital in the fight against malnutrition

Niger has more malnourished children than almost anywhere in the world. But Nurse Alassane Amadu has seen big changes in his community since the arrival of clean water and hygiene. Read more »
Oxfam is now working on some exciting cyclone recovery initiatives including partnerships with disabled persons’ organisations and community-based women’s groups in Shefa province.

When disaster strikes for people with disability

People with disability already face many barriers to enjoying equal access and inclusion in society. So in the face and aftermath of disaster and conflict, people with disability are particularly vulnerable. Read more »
Niger has a serious malnutrition crisis and mothers like Binta risk losing their children

It’s the simple things that lift families out of despair

Malnutrition is a serious problem in countries like Niger — children die every day. But Oxfam supporters are providing simple but life-changing items to tackle a vicious cycle. Read more »
Mekong dams threaten the ethnic group of Shan.

Her voice is strong: Nang Shining works to save 40,000 homes

In southern Myanmar, a dam is being built which will flood an area the size of Singapore and impact more than 200,000 people. Nang Shining grew up in a community that’s threatened by the dam, and has become a powerful voice for the rights of people in her community. Read more »
Mekong Forum Theatre participants

Oxfam brings Mekong communities’ perspectives to the stage

Local communities can be resettled as a result of the building of dams — and it effects men and women differently. Using a technique called Forum Theatre, the Mekong Regional team demonstrated power dynamics to more than 300 scientists, researchers and global experts . Read more »
Mariama lost her child due to malnutrition. A lack of clean water meant proper medical treatment could not be provided.

The difference between life and death

Mariama lived through a mother’s worst nightmare. Now she lives with her grief — and the pain of knowing her daughter’s two short years were filled with sickness. Read more »

The goats that gave hope

In Nhongue village in Mozambique, hunger is real threat. But since the arrival of her goats, Recelia and her family can access food, medicine and go to school. Read more »
Oxfam Unwrapped goats have helped Americo Moses, 46 (pictured), become a Community Veterinary Promotor

The goats that educated a family

Oxfam Unwrapped helps put people in touch with life-changing goats in more ways than one. As a community veterinary promoter, Americo now has a reliable source of income; one that’s changed the life of his family forever.  Read more »
Oxfam Unwrapped can provide people in poverty (like Delfinia) with a vital source of income

The goats that built a home

Delfinia Bernado has a lot to smile about. She’s a proud mum of two — and thanks to a few clever goats — is earning enough money to provide for her family. Read more »
Photo: Savann Oeurm/Oxfam AU

The Lower Sesan 2 Dam will soon flood several Cambodian Communities

Chhea’s community is threatened by the construction of a large hydropower dam. She shares her concerns and hopes for the future. Read more »