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Dumpster diving for dinner

By Tabitha Laffernis via 3things Dressed like a ninja in lavender Nikes and armed with an arsenal of plastic bags and dishwashing gloves, I was waiting for nightfall. In my living room were three of my closest friends, and we were brainstorming code names. She-Wolf, Raven and Lara Croft were all suggested, but we eventually […] Read more »
Design for Change

Design for Change: creative solutions to global problems

Are you a creative type looking to use your skills for good and not just hilarious internet cat memes? Whether you’re a designer or communicator, or just a doodler, dreamer or mad keen Photoshopper, there’s a way you can turn your unique way of looking at the world into something awesome that could actually change […] Read more »

Oxfam is heading to Big Day Out!

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Live bands, scary rides and good vibes – these are just 3 of the many things we love about Big Day Out. We’re hitting Australia’s longest running festival again this year to talk all things food, and to ask music lovers what 3things they’re going to do to change the world in 2013. Oh and […] Read more »
A Very Ethical Christmas

We’re dreaming of a green Christmas

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Santa’s filling his sack with fair trade products, Rudolph’s switching to organic carrots and the elves are campaigning for better working conditions. As we reach the final countdown to Christmas, we’re celebrating our very own ‘Christmas Special’ on the 3things website. We’ve gathered tons of useful tips, recipes and DIY guides to help make your […] Read more »
Your new wardrobe? Photo: Prue Upton/3things

3things’ Ethical Fashion Month

Spring has well and truly sprung for our 3things team, and they’re celebrating with Ethical Fashion Month. From a DIY Clothes Swap Kit to interviews with ethical fashion folk, it’s all happening. Read more »

Uni is in full swing and the Oxfam Uni groups are no exception

The university semester is in full swing and our Oxfam groups are at full pelt campaigning, studying, partying and general uni shenanigans. Read more »

From mosh pits to cooking kits: 3things on the road

It’s been all things go here at 3things. Our street team braved the rain this summer and heading to the Big Day Out in Sydney to ask people: What are 3things that you can do to help change the world? We had all sorts of responses given on our infamous chalk boards, from the heartfelt […] Read more »

3things gets inspired by design

Another dispatch from our friends at 3things! We’ve had a whale of a time lately! Our content producers really enjoyed the Design 4 Change exhibition. The folks at Billy Blue worked really hard to produce some fantastic campaigns. Ben Peacock from Republic of Everyone blew us away with his inspiring talk at the event. We’re […] Read more »

3things 4 Africa and humanity

Our 3things youth project looks at the East Africa crisis and Sydney University’s Humanitarian Week. Plus some clothes-swapping for a good cause! What 3 things can you do to change the world? Read more »

3things on handmade happiness, the environment and dads

What has the 3things project been up to lately, you ask? Plenty! They chatted to crafter Kelly White about making, meding, and doing. They looked at the treatment of dolphins, and this big blue planet we share with them. And they gave you some tips for Father’s Day shopping — it’s Sunday! Read more »