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3things on handmade happiness, the environment and dads

What has the 3things project been up to lately, you ask? Plenty! They chatted to crafter Kelly White about making, meding, and doing. They looked at the treatment of dolphins, and this big blue planet we share with them. And they gave you some tips for Father’s Day shopping — it’s Sunday! Read more »

3 things we can do to change the world

Peter Grzic from Oxfam’s Youth Engagement Team spoke at the TEDx talk in Perth on Monday 22 November, about 3 things we can all do to help change the world. Read more »
Map of India

3things chalkboard trots the globe…

3things has spent the past week in India, meeting inspiring young people from around the world… Read more »

3things on generational change, plastic bikinis & Euro trash

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This week on 3things we saluted a young Aussie from Generation Y not? And discovered there are no limits when it comes to recycling… Read more »

3things on weddings, muppets & street art

What 3things did you learn this week? Read more »

3things on green eggs & fish

This week on 3things we paid homage to environmental ‘eggsellence’ and ‘fishy’ innovation. We also wondered what it might be like to spend years in after school detention. Read more »

3things on climate change, locked-up kids & Wolverine

This week we scrutinised the two most pressing ticking time bombs in human history, heard from a girl who spent seven months in Woomera and got up close and personal with Hugh Jackman. Read more »

3things on toughness, treehugging and t-shirts

This week on Oxfam’s 3things we marvelled at the resilience of our fellow young people doing it tough in Pakistan. Read more »

3things on Katy Perry and the MDGs

This month the peeps at Oxfam’s 3things were left feeling like Katy Perry after the MDG summit in New York. Read more »

3things on hip hop, grandma & garbage juice

This month the peeps at Oxfam’s 3things took a ‘Hip Hop Approach’ to the biggest social and environmental issues facing our generation. Read more »