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  • 53.26 million people
  • 32.7% living on less than USD $1.25/day
  • 77.4% don’t have access to safe water

Myanmar is undergoing fast and complex changes, all with the potential either to relieve or exacerbate the poverty, conflict, inequality and vulnerability which characterise the lives of the vast majority of women and men.

Oxfam’s goal is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and inequality and to foster the resilience and long-term security of communities affected by conflict and disasters.

We also aim to increase the power of men and women to harness the benefits of political reforms and economic development. The rights of women are at the heart of our work.

Key areas of work

Economic Justice, Governance & Social Accountability, Humanitarian Response & Disaster Risk Reduction

One story of change

As a member of parliament representing the Yangon Region, Nyo Nyo Thin attends workshops and women’s forums with the aim to increase women’s participation in politics and leadership positions at different levels of society.

Gender inequality prevails throughout the Mekong region and is particularly prevalent amongst ethnic groups where traditional gender values continue to inform everyday behaviours and practice. Women and girls tend to be negatively affected by the rapid economic development taking place.

Oxfam’s experience in the Mekong region has shown that women attaining local leadership positions can contribute to positive changes in community attitudes, beliefs and values. This can also contribute to a reduction in domestic-based violence.

Nyo Nyo is a role model for Myanmar women. She emphasises that she can share her experience and her knowledge to women, men and youths.

“Though I hold a doctorate from Japan, they do not include me in Rule of Law Committee. It is very tough to be a female parliamentarian because of ‘being a woman’ in the parliament. They assume I cannot do it and I am supposed to be protected because I am a woman. I am proud of myself being a highly-educated woman and I come back here to work for Myanmar people but they do not recognise my education because of my gender,” said Nyo Nyo.

“All Myanmar women’s voices and strengths in every activity of women’s organisations give me moral support,” she said. “I feel so strong when I see them, especially the youths, so active in promoting women’s political leadership”.


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