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Together, we can achieve a just, sustainable future without the inequalities that keep people in poverty

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By making a donation and joining the Oxfam community, you can help end the injustices that keep people living in poverty.

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Organising to have money automatically deducted from your pay not only saves tax but also saves lives. You can’t get much better than that!

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Your cryptocurrency donation can support people on the brink of famine, support communities facing climate change and help refugee families seeking safety.

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What are the negative impacts of mining? 

Mining activities can have a negative environmental impact on the area surrounding the mine site. The process of exploring and extracting minerals can disrupt wildlife habitats and ecosystems, while the actual mining operations produce toxic waste that creates water and air pollution.

Oxfam’s experience in working with communities that are impacted by oil, gas and mining operations has shown that mining can negatively affect people when they are not consulted or given an opportunity to influence the project.

This can lead to disempowered communities being forced from their homes, losing access to clean water and land, social unrest and an increase in health problems.

What are the positive impacts of mining? 

Mining enables the extraction of oil, gas and minerals needed to build infrastructure, provide power to communities and develop new technologies.

When mines abide by social and environmental regulations, and consult with the local community, they can lead to an increase in employment opportunities, investment in local development projects and a boost to the economy.

However, there are also significant negative social and environmental impacts of mining that can far outweigh these benefits.

What are the effects of illegal mining?

Illegal mining refers to any mining operations not approved by government or that don’t have required permits or licenses. Illegal mining activities do not abide by environmental or ethical regulations and can cause significant environmental impacts and harm to local communities.

What is the environmental impact of mining?  

No. Getting material aid to Morocco is extremely expensive, slow and difficult due to the destruction of infrastructure, among other reasons. The best way to help is to donate money to Oxfam via our online channels.

Why is Oxfam (or aid agencies) very slow in responding?

The scale of devastation is colossal, and given many of the most hit areas are remote it makes rescue and aid operations more challenging.
Oxfam intends to work through partners on the ground, and will closely coordinate with local government to assess the needs. We aim to reach people as soon as possible.

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Hera, Timor-Leste: Domingas Pereira, Group Coordinator with Youth Empowerment for Future (YEFF) pictured at their farm. Photo: Keith Parsons/Oxfam

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