Marlena Basa from the Bendigo Bank promotes the Bendigo Oxfam Australia Cash Management Account. Photo: Martin Wurt/OxfamAUS Photo: Martin Wurt/OxfamAUS

Engage your customers

An Oxfam Australia “cause partnership” enables you to make a strong value proposition to your customers. By partnering with us and donating a percentage of sales of your product or service, your customers are able to support our work fighting poverty and social injustice. 

It’s a unique way to differentiate your product or service, increase sales and raise money for Oxfam at the same time!

Last year alone our cause partners contributed over $1 million to the work of Oxfam Australia by donating a portion or percentage from the sales of goods and services.

How a cause partnership with Oxfam works

With approval from Oxfam Australia you can give the marketing of your product or service a competitive edge.  Differentiate yourself from the competition by enabling your customers to create a more just world every time they buy your product or service.

There may also be opportunities to promote a cause partnership to the broad Oxfam Australia supporter base through our respected communication channels and well known events.

See below for further details of some of Oxfam Australia’s cause partnerships in action: 

What next?

If your organisation meets the below criteria and would like to know more about Oxfam cause partnerships, please contact our corporate relations team on 03 9289 9444.

  • You are a reputable business whose operations do not undermine human rights.
  • You are an established business based in Australia and are primarily marketing to an Australian audience.
  • You can commit to raise at least $10,000 per annum through your cause proposal.
  • Your proposal is not dependant on Oxfam Australia marketing your goods or services to our supporter base.

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Oxfam Corporate Partnerships team or tel 03 9289 9444.