Children at Joe Slovo Junior Primary School, South Africa, are fed during lunch break by food prepared and served by Sophakama CBO volunteers, an Oxfam partner organisation. Photo: Matthew Willman/OxfamAUS Photo: Matthew Willman/OxfamAUS

Buy life insurance through CharityLife

Buying life insurance helps you secure the financial future for your family or loved ones. But what if at no extra cost you could also buy a brighter future for people living in poverty?

CharityLife offers a life insurance product, underwritten by TOWER Australia, which provides life insurance cover and, at no extra cost, the opportunity to support our work fighting poverty and injustice around the world.

When a claim is made on the policy, beneficiaries receive their full entitlement under the policy, and CharityLife and TOWER provide a lump sum contribution to our work ranging from $25,000–$100,000, depending on the sum insured.

This donation is made at no extra cost to you or the recipient with CharityLife and TOWER sharing the cost of the donation to us.

For example, if you buy $1 million of life insurance through CharityLife and nominate us as the benefiting charity, on payout under the policy we receive a $50,000 donation.

What will we do with it? Life-changing work. See how we’ll put your donation into action and take out life insurance cover through CharityLife today.

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