Make a monthly donation

By making a monthly donation to Oxfam Australia you’ll be making sure that our life-saving work fighting poverty and injustice around the globe continues.

Donate monthly to our program work

By donating regularly to our program work you’ll be helping fund our long-term work in poor communities overseas and in Indigenous Australia. Your money will help support health clinics; clean water, schooling, and protect people’s rights, their environment and their means of making a living.

Donate monthly to Emergency 365

By making a monthly donation to Oxfam Emergency 365, you’re helping our response teams save lives every day of the year. Your donation will help women, men and children caught up in conflicts and disasters by providing food, water, shelter and medical assistance.

Donate monthly to our campaign work

Your monthly donation will support our campaigns work including lobbying politicians, our online activism, the preparation of parliamentary submissions and the staging of community events.

Donations to our campaign work are not tax deductible as we wish to remain independent of government when doing this work.