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Crisis in South Sudan

The situation

The conflict that broke out in South Sudan on 15th December 2013 has left thousands dead and displaced hundreds of thousands more. Vulnerable populations continue to flee ongoing fighting in South Sudan, with violence displacing more than 1.5 million people – including both internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries.

Since the start of the crisis, 1.5 million people have been displaced within South Sudan by violence. Another 469,000 people have fled into neighbouring countries, with the largest numbers in Ethiopia and Uganda. Now, 2.5 million people are facing crisis levels of food insecurity.

Oxfam in South Sudan

Oxfam has a dedicated team to respond to emergencies across South Sudan. So far, almost 350,000 have been reached with humanitarian assistance.We focus on public health, livelihoods and emergency response with gender, diversity, conflict-sensitive programming and policy/advocacy work intertwined.

Oxfam is supporting people affected by the conflict with clean water, sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion. We are also providing emergency food security and livelihood support that includes charcoal voucher distribution.

We are currently providing humanitarian assistance using a four pronged approach:

  • Delivery of clean water: Improving access to safe water through water treatment and supply
  • Sanitation: Enhancing collection of solid waste and promoting environmental cleanness
  • Public health promotion: Contributing to targeted behaviour change through capacity building and empowerment of community structures. We do this through promotion of safe hygiene practices and distribution of relevant water sanitation and hygiene materials
  • Emergency food security and livelihoods: Providing fuel efficient stoves, grinding mills and vouchers for the purchase of charcoal. These are high priority needs in the IDP camps.

See the latest update about our work in South Sudan (459 KB pdf)

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