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Health and wellbeing program

Oxfam Australia is very proud of our unique Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples health and wellbeing programs, which incorporate local culture and views and have helped transform the lives of Indigenous Australians for more than 30 years.

Oxfam understands that the people best placed to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are community members themselves. That’s because no one understands their circumstances better than they do.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples can take control, make their own decisions and live strong, proud and healthy lives. And a national network of more than 140 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations around Australia is enabling them to do just that.

These organisations are initiated and operated by local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to provide comprehensive and culturally appropriate healthcare. Oxfam Australia has partnered up with these organisations to provide behind-the-scenes support — strengthening governance, improving management systems and developing policy work — so they can reach more people in need.


Closing the Gap

We’ve played a lead role in transforming the Close the Gap campaign for Indigenous Health Equality from a popular campaign to a force that is shaping government policy by working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to hold our government to account.

Learn more about the Close the Gap campaign.


The Fitzroy Stars

Oxfam is a proud supporter of the Fitzroy Stars footy club that brings together Aboriginal men. The club’s mission is to nurture a culture that promotes a healthy lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and self-esteem and builds bridges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

Learn more about the Fitzroy Stars.


South West Aboriginal Medical Service (SWAMS)

Oxfam is working with SWAMS in Western Australia to help bring about change through effective healing models. We’re supporting SWAMS to empower Nyoongar people to deal with past trauma, and reconnect with their culture and healthy living.

South West Aboriginal Medical Service (SWAMS)

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