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Individual Fundraising

Thanks for your decision to help clean water save lives in Cambodia!

It’s fundraisers like you that will help to bring attention to this important global cause in our local communities. And now you are on your way!

1. Equip yourself with the Clean Water Saves Lives resources

We’ve provided the resources below to inspire you to organise activities that will engage your friends and local community, and give you a headstart to fundraising success. There’s a resource guide that will take you through the process step by step. There’s also campaign materials to help promote the key messages to your audience, like posters, flyers and the campaign logo.

2. Set up your own unique fundraising page

Create a page with Oxfam to promote the cause. The easiest way to get friends on board is to have one place for them to donate and learn more about what you are supporting. Personalise it with photos of your journey, and write blog entries to let people know about your challenges and successes. Use social media to spread your message. It’s all part of the experience!

3. Do some research to get the creative juices flowing!

We have a small group of featured fundraisers that get large groups of people enthused to support their cause. Have a look through their pages and our other events pages to get ideas. Simon Barwick is a fundraising Oxfam employee who has put together a great list of tips in his blog here. Consider fun and small events that you’d usually do with your friends anyway – host an afternoon tea or cocktail hour, a themed film or trivia night. Take it further and share the experience in your local community by organising a small event with your friends – perhaps a donated clothing street stall, a carwash or something totally original!

4. Share the benefits with your friends

Tell them what their money will go towards in communities in need. This is a great way to communicate the rewards of giving.

5. Feel good, go forth and FUNdraise!

The single most powerful thing you can do to help fight poverty and injustice is fundraise. Last year we helped more than 7 million people in 39 countries thanks to some 350,000 Australians like you who gave their passion and time to the cause. Your contribution will make an incredible difference.

Don’t forget that you can contact us if you have any questions along your fundraising journey, we’re here to help! Call us on 1800 088 110 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm AEST, or email

Fundraiser Participant Guide Everything you need to get started and to motivate others! Your easiest ‘how to’ guide.
Clean Water Saves Lives A3 Poster A poster to motivate your audience to support by donating.
Wear Blue Save Lives A3 Poster An A3 sized poster to help you promote your event with a space for writing the date or venue.
Cambodian Handwashing Poster Straight from the field, this educational tool illustrates to people in Cambodian villages the lifesaving benefits of hygiene, and is displayed in toilets and handwashing stalls. Use this to engage your audience.
Flyer A graphic illustration of the key messages and statistics to communicate to your supporters.
Email Banner Add this to your email signature while you’re fundraising to show your support. Hyperlink our campaign page onto the image –
Social Media Shares Get your followers and friends enthused on social media sites with our suggested tweets and link sharing. The only way messages go viral through this medium is with your support!
Oxfam’s WorkOnWater Timeline This timeline brings to life our international work to improve access to clean water and promote sanitation, from the early 1960s through to our current decade. Get familiar with Oxfam’s achievements – they’re worth sharing!
Clean Water Saves Lives Video This youtube video is perfect for sharing on social media.
Proudly Supporting Oxfam Logo – online version Use the screen or print versions to show your support on letters, emails, or other communications.
Proudly Supporting Oxfam Logo – printable version Use the screen or print versions to show your support on letters, emails, or other communications.
Clean Water Saves Lives Infographics Illustrations of the key statistics behind dirty water and poor sanitation. These short fact sheets will motivate others to donate!
Donations Summary Form Send this to us when the work is over to itemise donations from each of your supporters.
Clean Water Saves Lifes

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