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Our policy snapshot

At Oxfam we’re working for a future that is equal, without the inequalities that keep people in poverty.

We do this by joining with the Australian public and communities across the world to:

  • work with First Peoples to support the changes they seek
  • empower women and girls to earn, learn and lead
  • fight for climate justice in communities impacted by the climate crisis
  • empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty

We know that an equal future is important to you, so we reviewed what’s on offer from the six main parties in 2022 to fix the inequalities that keep people in poverty. We compared their policies with Oxfam’s policy solutions. After checking the results with the parties, we’re sharing them with you. While this is not an assessment of progress in achieving change, we hope this policy snapshot gives you more information about the kind of future that’s on offer.

Please share with your colleagues and friends – the more people know about how inequalities keep people in poverty, the better we can fight for effective policies, decisions and laws from our representatives in the next parliament.

Fight for Climate justice

Download the survey

Support First Peoples Justice

Download the survey

Protect people power

Download the survey

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