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Hands on Health

Hands on Health is a new, free, education resource for VCE Health and Human Development Units 2, 3 and 4.

Created in collaboration between Oxfam Australia and ACHPER Victorian Branch, the resource has been designed by practising VCE Health and Human Development teachers.

Using real-world case studies from Oxfam’s work with Indigenous communities in Australia and overseas, our curriculum content and suggested learning activities engage students through unique and holistic perspectives on issues of Australian and global health and human development.

Available for download, the resource includes:


  • Curriculum mapping that relates areas of study and key knowledge in the VCE study design to key skills and learning outcomes.
  • ‘Pick-up-and-go’ teacher’s notes and suggested learning activities for all units that can be seamlessly integrated into your classes
  • Computer and tablet-friendly Student Activity worksheets
  • Suggested assessment tasks

Hands on Health has been designed to be used as flexibly as possible. Suggested activities can either be used as in-depth learning sequences, or teachers can to pick and choose the individual activities that support their teaching.

Unit content includes:

  • In Units 2 and 3, Indigenous perspectives are explored, through Oxfam programs that engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, children and adults, and the Close the Gap campaign, Australia largest Indigenous health equality campaign.
  • In Unit 4, global health and development is considered through the lens of Oxfam’s long-term development, humanitarian and advocacy work across the world. Students will learn about the work of this non-government organisation committed to sustainable human development, and the processes and logistics that are implemented to assist those affected by poverty and disasters.

Hands on Health will assist students to explore, reflect and respond to stories, case-studies, videos, data and statistics from Oxfam and a variety of other expert sources. The resource’s suggested learning activities will enhance student’s learning and understanding through fun, practical projects and analytical assessment tasks. Students are also supported to become informed and active global citizens, in preparation for the world outside school.


Oxfam Australia and ACHPER Victorian Branch would like to sincerely thank each of the authors, Jan Banks from Ivanhoe Grammar School, Trish Dounias from Aquinas College, and Katherine Jones. Your energy, enthusiasm and expertise has been invaluable, and is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks also to Joshua Cubillo, Sophie Ford, Praphulla Shrestha, Clancy Moore, and Kate Bensen from Oxfam Australia for your support, expertise, guidance and assistance.

This resource was project managed by Joanne a’Beckett, Professional Learning Coordinator from ACHPER Victorian Branch and Annalise De Mel, Schools Program Coordinator from Oxfam Australia.

Disclaimer:Reference has been made in this resource to the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education). This does not imply endorsement by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).