Photo: Patrick Moran/OxfamAUS

Change Initiative Leadership Program

Are you ready to transform your passion into action and become an Oxfam Change Leader?

We believe that young people are essential to creating solutions to tackle poverty and fight for justice.

The Change Initiative program offers an inclusive, engaging and collaborative space to learn campaigning skills and how to channel all that passion you have into effective campaigning to create REAL change.

Join a network of young campaigners committed to standing up for justice and taking action for a future free from poverty.

The Change Initiative program brings together young people (18-25 years old) and supports them over six months to become leaders in community organising, with training from experienced campaigners through workshops, retreats, ongoing mentoring and guest speakers.

What will you learn in Change Initiative?

Change Initiative will equip you to be a strong leader who can inspire and empower change in your local community. The program covers a range of topics that will help you become an effective leader and community organiser:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Tactics and Community Organising
  • Campaign Project Management (Events and Actions)
  • Values, Framing and Messaging
  • Leadership and Team-Building
  • Conversations for Change
  • Digital Campaigning

Apply for Change Initiative

Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.