Start a group

If you’ve checked the Find a group page and there isn’t already an Oxfam Uni Group at your uni, the best thing to do is start one!

The first step is easy – get in contact with us

Register your interest or email our Youth Team at to let us know that you’re interested in getting a group going on your campus. Oxfam staff and volunteers will provide you with the information, resources, advice and support you need to start a group. We can also put you in touch with other groups in your area so you can meet up with them and see firsthand what an Oxfam Campus Group can do.

Next up, get some friends involved

Everything’s easier and more fun with friends, so getting some other people involved will help get the ball rolling. Grab a cup of (fair trade) coffee and start scheming. Ask around to see if anyone else you or your friends know wants to be one of the legends who started the Oxfam group at your uni.

Talk to the student association, union or guild

Your university’s student association can be a great source of resources and support in setting up a group. Find out what you need to do in order to start an affiliated club or society on campus and what support they offer. All Oxfam Campus Groups need to be registered with their student association so this will be an important step.

… and finally, get active

Nothing will get other students interested and involved better than actually seeing your group in action. The best way to sign up new members to help run the group is to hold an event and make your presence known. Whether it’s a BBQ, a film screening or giving out some campaign stickers, it doesn’t have to be hard, but it’s sure to get you noticed.

First up though, get in contact with us and we’ll send you the Oxfam on Campus Handbook and chat about how we can help you get a group started on your campus!