Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

GROW RedBubble competition


Calling all designers
Do issues of food insecurity, famine and environmental degradation get your goat? Us too!

Oxfam Australia and design site RedBubble are excited to announce a competition for all you artistic types out there to create a design inspired by Oxfam’s GROW campaign.

What you need to know about GROW

So what’s GROW all about? In a nutshell, it’s about food: food production and distribution, food insecurity and the broken global food system. It’s about fixing this broken food system, and replacing it with a fairer world where food is sustainable and accessible to everyone. Where we can all grow, eat and live better.

Increasing famines, food shortages, rising food prices, and the early effects of climate change are affecting how billions around the world eat. Or rather, how they don’t eat — one in seven people around the world go hungry every day. Something must and should be done. Oxfam’s GROW campaign calls for urgent action from governments, corporations and communities, encouraging them to collaborate in finding new and sustainable ways of ensuring that everyone has enough to eat.

What we’re looking for

The winning design will be the one that best encapsulates our GROW campaign, creatively representing the ideas behind it.

This design will feature prominently throughout the GROW campaign and Oxfam website, and on merchandise sold in Oxfam shops. The winning artist will also get some serious coverage.

As an added bonus, RedBubble will donate a menagerie of animals through Oxfam Unwrapped on behalf of the Top 20 artists. These donated buffalos, ducks and chickens are capable of transforming the lives of people living in poverty. And that is nothing to have a cow over!

Submit your designs here