Indonesia Tsunami Recovery

Six months ago, a deadly combination of earthquake and tsunami rocked Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The double disaster claimed many lives and affected more than 2 million people.

Aina, Azim and Tombeng are three of these people.

The road to recovery

Thanks to your generous donation, Oxfam and local partners have reached more than 180,000 people — people like Aina, Azim and Tombeng — with life-saving support in their moment of need. We aim to reach 500,000 people in the year ahead.

Families in Sulawesi now have access to clean, safe drinking water; mothers have hygiene kits to keep their families safe from disease; and communities now have temporary shelters with access to toilets.

This would not have been possible without you.

Learn more about Aina, Azim and Tombeng below.

Petobo, Indonesia: After the 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Sulawesi, the village of Petobo was swallowed whole due to liquefaction, leaving only debris and devastation. Photo: Rosa Panggabean/OxfamAUS.
Central Sulawesi, Indonesia: [Left to right] Earthquake survivors Sarifah, Mirnawati, Nuryani, Acisnawati and Jaeria participate in an Oxfam-led cash-for-work program to clean up and rebuild Sulawesi. The money they earn from the program helps to pay for their families’ essential needs. Photo: Rosa Panggabean/OxfamAUS.
Palu, Indonesia: Sofian (pictured left) from Oxfam’s local partner organisation Pusat Kajian Perlindungan Anak installs a water filter outside the city of Palu. Photo: Hariandi Hafid/OxfamAUS.
Central Sulawesi, Indonesia: Earthquake survivor Asnah takes part in an Oxfam-supported cash-for-work program that is restoring towns around Palu. The program provides much needed employment and supplies to kickstart rebuilding efforts. Photo: Rosa Panggabean/OxfamAUS.

Thanks to you


people received emergency aid


people received hygiene kits


toilets installed


litres of vital water delivered


people took part in cash-for-work programs to rebuild Sulawesi

summary of our achievements on 13 March 2019

"What I'm feeling right now is my thankfulness [for what's] most important: health, water, food."

— Aina, Indonesia



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