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The impacts from clean water, sanitation and hygiene are incredible. Good health. A better education. A real opportunity to end a vicious cycle of poverty.

And for thousands of people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it can mean a chance to stay safe. Many people who survived armed conflict now face the threat of disease.

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Oxfam’s health engineers and health promotion specialists are renowned for their expertise in providing safe, clean water and sanitation fast, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Thanks to Oxfam supporters, we can tailor solutions for the long-term. In the DRC, hygiene committees are empowering women like Louise so she can teach others how to stay healthy.

We are now able to train others. Before we were doing this work, the authorities would not take feedback easily. But now, thank God, we have t-shirts they know we are from the committee. We have visibility. Even the authorities and police respect us. Things are now open.
– Louise

You can help communities like Louise’s stay safe and healthy — and with tax-time around the corner, there’s never been a better time to give generously.

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