Oxfam Australia Jobs

Face to Face Street Fundraisers

We are seeking Face to Face Street Fundraisers, you are passionate about improving the lives of people living in extreme poverty around the world, and you have a solid track record in achieving and exceeding targets. You will be responsible for recruiting long-term donors for Oxfam, and will be a crucial contributor to the organisation’s growth.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy and Advocacy Lead-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People’s Program (ATSIPP)

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy and Advocacy Lead is responsible for Oxfam Australia’s policy and advocacy work on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights including the development and implementation of advocacy strategies; the development, analysis and review of policy and research; the management of key stakeholder relationships and the coordination of public campaigns.

Performance Analysis Coordinator

The Performance Analysis Coordinator is responsible for supporting the delivery of the agency’s Strategic Plan reporting requirements through the development, implementation and dissemination of a suite of accountability and learning products.

Digital Communications Coordinator

As Oxfam Australia’s Digital Communications Coordinator, you will be part of a team responsible for our digital communication activity, including driving online donations and campaign actions.