One in nine people still going hungry

28 May 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

The amount of people going hungry has dropped by 167 million in the last decade, according to new figures from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The total number of hungry people in the world is now 795 million – which is still 1 in 9 people. Oxfam’s food and climate policy advisor Kelly Dent […]

Impact of extreme weather must be front of mind for Prime Minister’s emissions taskforce

26 Mar 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam will urge the Abbott Government’s special emissions taskforce to agree an emissions target that will help reduce the impact of climate change on the world’s poorest people, who are already bearing the brunt of greater droughts, floods, hunger and disease. The Prime Minister’s taskforce will begin asking for advice this week on how far […]

European climate pledge ramps up pressure on Australia

7 Mar 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

The European Union’s adoption of climate change targets for the new global climate agreement, to be finalized at the Paris conference in December, heaps more pressure on the Abbott Government to announce Australia’s own longer-term commitment to climate action, which must include support to developing countries to adapt to climate impact, Oxfam Australia said today.

Hottest year on record confirms concerns for developing countries

17 Jan 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s declaration overnight that 2014 was the hottest year globally on record illustrates a deeply concerning trend for developing countries already feeling the heat of climate change.

Oxfam welcomes beginning of Australia’s commitment to tackle climate change, but still a long way to go

10 Dec 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam today welcomed the Australian Government’s announcement it will contribute $200 million over 4 years to the Green Climate Fund, but said Australia still had a long way to go to make a fair contribution to global efforts to tackle climate change.

Australia must be a lifter, not a leaner, in Lima: Oxfam

9 Dec 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Australia must step up to play a positive role at the UN Climate Change Negotiations in Lima, or risk falling further behind the rest of the world on climate change action. As Foreign Minister Julie Bishop arrives in Lima for the second week of talks, Oxfam is highlighting that Australia is one of the countries that has […]

Oxfam response to the WMO announcement that 2014 could be the hottest year on record

4 Dec 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

In response to the news just released from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) that 2014 is set to be one of the hottest, possibly the hottest, year on record, Kelly Dent, Oxfam’s lead at the UN Climate Conference in Lima, said: “The poorest people in the world are already bearing the crushing burden of our […]

Pledges to Green Climate Fund reach bare minimum but are important step forward

21 Nov 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

The announcement of $9.2 billion in pledges to the Green Climate Fund is welcome but only a bare minimum, says Oxfam.

C20 calls on Australia to show G20 leadership by pledging climate finance for developing nations

15 Nov 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Australia must show leadership at the G20 Summit by pledging support for poor nations struggling to manage climate risk, according to key development and environmental leaders from the C20. Responding to today’s $US3 billion contribution to the Green Climate Fund from United States President Barack Obama, C20 Chair and World Vision Chief Executive Tim Costello […]

Typhoon Haiyan one year on: Asian governments failing to prepare for future disasters, Oxfam

6 Nov 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Natural disasters have been costing Asia approximately $60 billion a year for the past two decades, and yet governments around the region have still not adequately prioritised disaster risk reduction, according to a report released by Oxfam ahead of the first anniversary of super-typhoon Haiyan.