Global aid ranking puts Australia to shame  

9 Apr 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

The latest ranking of wealthy countries on their contributions to overseas aid puts Australia to shame, with the country dropping a place and set to fall further, Oxfam says.

Innovatively Low? Talk of more aid cuts undermines launch of new aid innovation hub

23 Mar 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

Today’s launch by Julie Bishop of an innovation focus for the Australian Aid program has been undermined by leaks suggesting more cuts to the aid budget. Oxfam Public Engagement Director Pam Anders said innovation was indeed vital to overcome the challenges that stood in the way of a fairer, more prosperous and more secure region […]

UK more committed to fairness than Australia on aid levels 

10 Mar 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

A new lifesaving law passed by the UK Government that ensures 70 pence in every £100 is given in overseas aid highlights the harshness of the Australian Government’s repeated slashing of the aid budget, Oxfam says.

Aid report proves need to reverse cuts

12 Feb 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

The Government’s first annual report on the performance of the Australian Aid Program highlights why they must reverse cuts to the aid budget, Oxfam said today.

Australia must protect the foreign aid budget to reduce the costs of poverty and inequality

1 Dec 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam has called on the Australian Government to rule out further raids on the aid budget that would diminish the fight against poverty and inequality, following speculation today that the aid budget might again be in the firing line for cuts.

Oxfam welcomes government assurances on aid budget

2 Oct 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam Australia has today welcomed the confirmation by the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister that the overseas aid budget will not be ransacked again.

Oxfam welcomes funding for women’s empowerment in Southeast Asia

12 Aug 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam today welcomed a pledge of $1 million worth of funding from the Australian Government for an Oxfam supported program aimed at giving women more economic influence in the ASEAN arena.

Oxfam: Gaza on the brink of a major health crisis

6 Aug 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Despite a pause in the month-long bombardment, the people of Gaza are facing a critical public health crisis due to the destruction and contamination of Gaza’s water supply, worldwide development organization Oxfam warned today.

Oxfam forced to cut aid to desperate Syrian families as UN launches revised appeal

4 Jul 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam has been forced to cut essential assistance to over 6,500 vulnerable Syrian refugee families living in Jordan and warns that millions more face an uncertain future with aid agencies unable to adequately respond due to government donor fatigue. Speaking ahead of the UN’s launch of its reviewed aid appeal for the Syria crisis, Oxfam’s […]

New ‘aid paradigm’ must have poor people at its heart

18 Jun 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Australia’s aid program must be squarely focused on helping the world’s poorest people lift themselves out of poverty, Oxfam Australia said today. Oxfam Chief Executive Helen Szoke acknowledged Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s commitment to lead an innovative and effective aid program, outlined in her address to the National Press Club today, but urged the Government […]