Billions in private World Bank ‘development projects’ harming communities around the world

2 Apr 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

Development projects funded by the private arm of the World Bank have caused human rights abuses, conflict and suffering for local communities, a new Oxfam report has found. The report, The Suffering of Others, highlights the risk of channelling billions of dollars of development money through third parties such as banks, private equity and hedge […]

Inequality explodes – Richest 1% will own more than all the rest by 2016

20 Jan 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

The richest 1 per cent of the world’s population will have more combined wealth than the remaining 99 per cent of people next year unless the rapid rise of inequality is stopped, Oxfam warned today ahead of the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos this week.

Oxfam welcomes G20 Employment Ministers’ commitment to tackle inequality

12 Sep 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam Australia has today welcomed a commitment from G20 Labour and Employment Ministers to tackle inequality.

Oxfam welcomes government action on tax dodging

4 Sep 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam Australia has welcomed Treasurer Joe Hockey’s announcement today of further efforts to act on multinational tax dodging, but urges the government to use its G20 presidency to ensure that global tax reform benefits poor countries as well as rich ones. Oxfam Australia’s G20 spokesperson Jo Pride said high levels of tax dodging by multinationals […]

The risky business behind NAB’s bumper profits

8 May 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

NAB’s bumper $3.15 billion cash profit announced this morning comes days after an Oxfam report called on the bank to provide justice for families and communities who have lost land, homes and livelihoods because of land-grabbing practices by an NAB backed company in South East Asia. Last week, Oxfam’s report, Banking on Shaky Ground – […]

G20 makes progress on international tax reform but must do more for low-income countries

23 Feb 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Progress by G20 Finance Ministers toward tackling the issue of multinational tax avoidance has been welcomed by Oxfam Australia Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke, though there is a need for more specifics on how and when low-income countries will benefit.

Reforming international tax system must be priority of G20

21 Feb 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

The G20 must take necessary steps to reform the international taxation system to stop wealthy tax dodgers, beginning at its Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting this weekend (22-23 Feb) in Sydney.

G20 must act on tax evasion and rising inequality: Oxfam

5 Sep 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

Multinational tax evasion is entrenching poverty and weakening developing country economies, international agency Oxfam has warned ahead of the G20 leaders meeting in Russia which is set to chart a plan for boosting global economic growth.

The Aussies and Kiwis shouldn’t leave island neighbours high and dry

4 Aug 2010 by Oxfam

Prime Minister Julia Gillard won’t be attending a meeting of Pacific island leaders this week (Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 August) – despite the fact that she is currently at the helm of the Pacific Islands Forum.