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New Panama Papers revelations expose rampant tax dodging in Africa

Responding to the new revelations of the Panama Papers (, Oxfam Australia Chief Executive Dr Helen Szoke said:
“The latest Panama Papers revelations expose rampant tax dodging that is allowing multinational companies to avoid paying their dues, particularly how shadow companies are shifting billions in revenue derived from highly lucrative mining and extractives operations across Africa,” Dr Szoke said.

Oxfam welcomes Australian-United Kingdom agreement on evacuation protocol for Australian Ebola responders

Oxfam welcomes the Australian Government’s announcement that it has secured an agreement guaranteeing medical treatment and evacuation arrangements for Australian citizens responding to the outbreak in West Africa, as well as $24 million worth of additional support to respond to the crisis.

Oxfam’s Ebola response – water, sanitation, hygiene and public education

Oxfam is on the ground in West Africa working to stop the spread of Ebola. We have so far reached 429,000 people in Liberia and Sierra Leone through community health and water, sanitation and hygiene programs, and 2.3 million people through public communications to educate people on how to best protect themselves from catching the disease. We aim […]

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