Keep it sweet with Fair Trade this Easter

5 Mar 2015 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam’s papier-mâché Easter egg boxes and bowls come with a special story of survival and resilience this Easter. The egg boxes and bowls were made by a small group based in India’s Kashmir region, which was overcome by disastrous floods late last year. The artisans were devastatingly affected by these floods – losing their homes, workshops and materials.

Oxfam calls for an ethical Christmas

18 Dec 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

With the latest retail figures predicting spending will hit $45 billion this Christmas, Oxfam are urging consumers to think ethically when making purchases.

Oxfam welcomes $4.5 million Fairtrade commitment from Australian Government

4 Nov 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

International aid agency Oxfam has welcomed the Australian Government’s announcement of $4.5 million to boost Fairtrade between small community producers in the Pacific and in Indonesia with regional and international markets.

Oxfam Australia Trading General Manager Julia Sumner said the investment highlighted the importance that trade plays in helping to lift people out of poverty.

Capsules for the ethical coffee drinker

26 Sep 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam will be launching its first ever range of Fairtrade certified, organic and biodegradable coffee capsules to coincide with International Coffee Day on Monday 29 September. The capsules are compatible with Nespresso®* coffee machines and are locally roasted in Victoria and packed into a #5 medium roast with a smooth finish through to a #10 dark roast with a rich finish and a #12 intense roast with a full-bodied finish.

Change the world in an instant

22 Jul 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam is calling on Australians to help change the world in an instant with the release of its new Instant Coffee. Oxfam Australia Trading General Manager Julia Sumner said switching everyday purchases such as coffee was the easiest way for Australians to instantly help change the world.

Rana Plaza Factory Collapse Anniversary Wake Up Call for The Just Group and Best&Less

24 Apr 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

The anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse should act as a wake-up call to companies sourcing from Bangladesh to do more to improve worker safety, Oxfam Australia said today.

Kmart’s disclosure of supplier factories an Australian first, says Oxfam

17 Dec 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

Kmart’s disclosure today of the locations of its supplier factories in Bangladesh is an Australian first and a crucial step on a journey towards better conditions for workers, Oxfam Australia said today.

Oxfam Australia Chief Executive Helen Szoke said the move was a ‘watershed moment’ for Australian retailing that would encourage transparency for the rest of the industry.

Oxfam welcomes Kmart’s pledge to be the first Aussie retailer to release locations of garment factories

10 Jul 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam Australia today welcomes Kmart’s confirmation that it will publish the addresses of supplier factories in all countries making its clothing, as this will allow independent checks of conditions for workers.

Launceston Mayor encourages Tasmanians to ‘Go Fair’

10 May 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

Launceston’s Mayor is calling on Tasmanians to Go Fair in 2013 by making the switch to fair trade products as part of Fair Trade Fortnight.

To help Tasmanians understand more about how buying fair trade benefits producers in developing countries, the mayor will be speaking at a World Fair Trade Day special event on Saturday 11 May at 12.00pm in the Launceston Mall.

K-Mart, Target, tell us where your Bangladeshi factories are: Oxfam

3 May 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

Oxfam Australia is urging some of Australia’s biggest retailers to immediately release the locations of their factories in Bangladesh, as the death toll from last week’s collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka climbs to more than 400.