Opinion: G20 finance meeting in Cairns to target global tax system that drains money from poor countries

20 Sep 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

Tax.  It’s a dirty word for many.  But it’ll be on the lips of all the G20 finance ministers at this weekend’s meeting in Cairns (20 & 21 Sep), as they forge ahead with the next steps towards reforming a global tax system tied together around a multitude of loopholes. Tax shouldn’t be a dirty […]

Still the Lucky Country?

17 Jun 2014 by Oxfam Australia Media

If there’s one issue that’s been a hot topic around kitchen tables in the past month, it’s the Federal Budget and whether or not it will widen the gap between those who have much, and those who don’t.  A national poll out today (Monday 16 June) confirms this deepening concern within the Australian community – 79 per […]

Put yourself in their shoes: we’re not so different to those uprooted by Syrian crisis

8 Oct 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

If you’ve ever lived away from home, you’ve probably experienced those pangs of homesickness that can spring from nowhere. One minute, you’re going about your business and the next, something small will spark a memory of home, family or friends.

A not so sweet sugar rush

3 Oct 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

Most of us know that sugar in large quantities isn’t good for us.

But there are some hidden nasties in the sugar story that we don’t know about.

Growing Disruption: Climate change, food and fight against hunger

27 Sep 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

This week, we’ll read and hear a lot about the science of climate change. But the story of climate change is also a story about people, and human suffering.

Australia can use UN position to make world mark

23 Sep 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

Now down to its final week as president of the United Nations Security Council, Australia has a real chance to make its mark on the powerful body.

Senate report on extreme weather and climate warming paves way for rethink on emissions target

7 Aug 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

CLIMATE politics may have been back in the headlines recently, but have we forgotten why we cared so much about cutting carbon pollution in the first place?

Why aid should keep growing

6 Aug 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

IT’S week one of the formal election campaign, and all parties are in full swing outlining why they deserve our vote.

The amount of money Australia gives in overseas aid won’t be a defining issue of this election. Indeed, on Friday, the Federal Government yet again treated the aid budget like an ATM, announcing it would strip foreign aid to pay for its refugee deal with Papua New Guinea.

Meet the women who have no future

15 Jul 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

I recently met Reema*, a 19-year-old Syrian girl, in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Back in Syria, Reema had her whole life before her. She’d just finished high school, and was about to go to university to study. She was eager to work and set up her future.

Female food heroes are feeding the world

20 Jun 2013 by Oxfam Australia Media

With a staggering 870 million people — or one in eight — going hungry on the planet each night, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of global hunger and think it’s a problem too big to solve.