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Famine in South Sudan

In February 2017, the UN and South Sudan’s government declared a famine in parts of Unity State, in northern-central South Sudan. Now in 2018 there are warnings of famine-like conditions in the eastern town of Pibor.

Hundreds of thousands of people are facing starvation across the country, with millions more in desperate need of aid.

Aid efforts have so far kept famine at bay, but the need is growing at such an alarming rate that Oxfam and other aid organisations are struggling to keep up.

Oxfam has worked in South Sudan for more than 30 years and is responding to the current crisis. Currently Oxfam is reaching more than 550,000 people in South Sudan, delivering safe drinking water and food, helping people to make a living, and giving people support to keep their families safe from disease.

Action is urgently needed to avert worsening famine conditions and food insecurity. You can help with an urgent donation to our International Crisis Fund so we can respond in South Sudan and other regions around the world facing humanitarian crises.