SECONDARY Section 2 Part 3: Six Goals to Change the World

Oxfam’s six goals to change the world

Tackling poverty and inequality is a complex job. How does an organisation like Oxfam approach such a huge and important task?

Through their six goals to change the world!

These goals are based on human rights principles, and are the focus areas that guide Oxfam’s work here in Australia and overseas. Meeting these goals will help to create a just world, without poverty.

The goals are:

  • Goal 1: The right to be heard
  • Goal 2: Gender justice
  • Goal 3: Saving lives, now and in the future
  • Goal 4: Sustainable food
  • Goal 5: Fair sharing of natural resources
  • Goal 6: Finance for development

Extension reading: Learn more about the six goals to change the world. Look particularly at pages 13-24.

Mindful colouring activity



Oxfam Australia thanks Clinical Psychologist and mindfulness and Wellbeing Science Consultant Emily Toner for creating this mindful colouring resource.