You can help us turn the idea into a reality. By providing poor women with the skills and tools to beat hunger through home gardening schemes, you’ll be giving them the opportunity to start growing their way out of hunger.

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Help stop hunger in Sri Lanka

    Meet Chandrani. Once stuck in a poorly-paid labouring job, this mother of three now runs a successful home garden business that allows her to feed her family, send her kids to school and earn a living from selling the surplus vegies. But she didn’t do it alone.

All about food

    From soaring food prices to record-breaking droughts and malnutrition, the global food crisis is hitting the world’s poorest communities hard. This page gives you all the stats, and facts you need to know, as well as an insight into what Oxfam is doing to support those most affected by the crisis.

Donate to help stop hunger

    You’d be surprised what a difference your donation can make. By helping us provide home garden training to women like Chandrani, you’re giving them the opportunity to break the poverty cycle once and for all and grow a better future for their families. Plus all donations are tax deductible.

Download a recipe book

    Stop hunger, start cooking with these healthy, garden-fresh recipes submitted by top Australian chefs, food-bloggers — and you.

Calculate the potential tax benefit of your donation

This table is based on 2012-13 ATO Individual Income Tax rates. The above rates do not include the Medicare levy of 1.5%. The amounts shown above are a guide only. The exact level of tax deductibility may vary depending on your personal financial circumstances. Seek assistance from an independent taxation professional for formal guidelines.