Our neighbours in Timor-Leste are in crisis

Across the country, families are struggling to survive severe hunger. The Timorese call this time of year the hungry season because food is dangerously scarce until the next harvest – an alarming six months from now.

Until then, many families will be reduced to one meal a day. Without enough food to sustain them, children don't have the energy to attend school and thrive. And so the vicious cycle of poverty continues.

For families in Timor-Leste the days, weeks and months ahead will be filled with hunger, uncertainty and fear.

“I just get worried. If I go and give my body to someone else to become a labourer, then I can bring food and my children will eat. But if I go and come back and I don’t bring any food, one of my children might die, I don’t know.”

– José, Timor-Leste

“My biggest worry is about food. If we have no food, I don’t know, maybe we will always be hungry and die.”

– Maria, Timor-Leste

“If I don’t go to school, I just sleep. I only wake up sometimes, because I have no energy — I cannot wake up, I just sleep.”

– Julmira, Timor-Leste

“Before Oxfam came into our life, our life was very poor. [Now] we harvested much more than before. Our life is better.”

– Marcelina, Timor-Leste

Sow seeds of hope

With your support, we can help our neighbours in Timor-Leste survive hunger. Your donation can provide families with high-yield maize seeds and teach them new techniques to create drought-proof gardens that suit their changing climate.

Together, let's help families in Timor-Leste tackle poverty and hunger head-on, with practical and lasting solutions.

You can help stop hunger

Photos: Kate Bensen/OxfamAUS and Vlad Sokhim/OxfamAUS Videos: Vlad Sokhim/OxfamAUS

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