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Nestle – Not so pure

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Nestle claims to endorse the pure life, but dirty practices continue at the factories that produce its products Almost 10,000 people have joined the campaign to get Nestle to respect trade union rights in Indonesia. The IUF began the online campaign after 53 union members at the company’s factory in Panjang, Indonesia were fired as […] Read more »

Wal-Mart receives wooden spoon on workers’ rights

The International Labour Rights Forum (ILRF) has released its latest Working for scrooge report, which exposes companies with some of the worst records on respecting freedom of association in 2011. Four companies were singled out for individual scrutiny because of their poor labour practices. Culprits include the world’s largest fresh fruit and vegetable producer, Dole […] Read more »
Photo: Dustin Barter/OxfamAUS

Reflections on Cambodia

Cambodia is typically understood through a narrative of civil war, devastation and poverty, but this fails to capture the modern dynamics of the country. The less prominent stories are of those driving change in the country towards a more equitable future. Committed, passionate people throughout the country are pushing for a new deal – the […] Read more »

Would you rate company CSR practices?

There has been a proliferation of company rating schemes in the past few years, but when it comes to improving workers’ rights are they really such a good thing? Read more »

Sneaky Business marches through Indonesia

More than 240 people from around the world have joined Sneaky Business—an online march to demand workers’ rights in the footwear industry. Read more »
Sneaky Business: Support Footwear Workers' Rights

Sneaky Business Toolkit

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Want to help promote a new global action in support of workers’ rights? The Sneaky Business toolkit provides you with everything you need. Read more »

EngageMedia: Supporting video activism in the Asia Pacific

EngageMedia is a social justice organisation supporting video activists across the Asia and Pacific region. Read more »
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Strong women, extraordinary challenges

As a migrant worker Nining was under pressure to survive in her new environment as well as to provide support to her parents and family back home. At the same time, Nining could not stand the way that workers were treated and exploited within the factory. Read more »
Fashion victims

Jeans sandblasting and the real fashion victims

A growing number of global denim brands have taken action to end the life threatening practise of sandblasting. But there is still a long way to go towards a global ban. Labels including Dolce & Gabbana, Benneton and Diesel are refusing to take action. Read more »